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Make your dream a reality

Your music deserves to reach its full potential.

Thanks to the internet, artists have more power than ever before to get their music heard. Whether you are looking to start an internet fan base, get your songs on iTunes, sell CDs at your shows, get your songs placed in film or TV, or even get a record deal or publishing deal–there's one thing you will have to do first: make an amazing recording.

Anyone with gear can record. But recording an album that can stand up against what you hear on the radio takes more than just good songs–it takes professional production.

Neumann U47 Fet

We've got the gear, knowledge, and mojo to get you there.

Our studio features a comfortable control room, a main tracking room with vaulted ceilings and 3 iso booths. We have world class mics, incredible outboard gear and a blazing fast computer system.

At Competitive Rates

We offer competitive Rates rates for all demo and album projects, EPKs, private and corporate events, video, television & film shoots.